Dieffenbachia plants are charming, old-fashioned indoor friends with a number of wide varieties now available, that make show-stopping features. They all commonly have that same large, solid leaf with some creamy, colour patterning. For a splash of colour and brightness, you can’t pass this one. Beautiful shade loving plants that provide colourful foliage year round. Producing large showy leaves in different variations of cream and green, Dieffenbachia are ideal for use under a sheltered patio, in a large pot or indoors as a featured houseplant. With the unfortunate common name of ‘dumb cane’ (owing to its potential to cause speaking and breathing difficulties if ingested), these indoor beauties add a fresh, tropical character and also remain lush when grown in a warm, sheltered spot as part of an outdoor room.


  • great for brightly lit rooms
  • large, showy foliage
  • easy-growing and great for all skills
  • ideal for home or office, protected from frost and cold
  • tropical styles, modernist themes, dynamic feature plants, protected outdoor rooms
Dieffenbachia dazzles in white


These plants perform best in brightly lit rooms, out of direct sun. They can however, tolerate some shade as long as it is warm and protected. Rotate your plant regularly for even growth distribution.


Keep the potting mix consistently moist. Check moisture levels by inserting your finger into the top few centimetres of potting mix. If dry it’s time to top up! To help the potting mix and root zone stay moist, you can gently and briefly immerse these potted plants into a tub of water every month. Allow excess water to drain freely from the pot. The roots do not like to stand in water and remain sodden.


Our plants do not require re-potting for at least 12 months. Once you are ready to re-pot your Dieffenbachia, a quality mix for indoor plants is recommended. General potting mix will more-likely become too compacted from overhead watering, increasing the chance of root rot and disease. The mix can also be improved with sand or perlite to create the perfect medium. An organic mulch, like bark chips or orchid bark , will also prevent the mix from drying out. A strong decor pot that will be stable and broad-based,is recommended to allow for top-heavy plants.

Large, dramatic leaves and patterning


Dust the leaves regularly by gently wiping with a moistened cloth or feather duster.  Dust can clog up the pores of the leaves and make it difficult for the leaves to function. For leaf shine, we use the Plant Runner’s, Neem Oil which will help deter pests as well. Fertilise in the warmer months with a half-strength liquid feed for Indoor plants. Trim off any brown or dead foliage in winter. You may need to re-pot your plant if it grows too top heavy. Fast growing, you can tip-prune this one to maintain a bushy, compact shape.

Dieffenbachia is toxic if ingested. Keep plants out of reach from children & animals. These girls are for show only!

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