This Peperomia is one of those gorgeous plants that remind you of sultry tropical excursions and warm, exotic holidays. Hailing from subtropical South America, they grow quite happily in our Sydney indoor spaces! We love the easy-care nature of these plants and their waxy, gloss leaves look radiant in a pot! The succulent type foliage has a blunt leaf tip (hence the name obtusifolia), growing on thick stems. This one is highly recommended for beginners, offices, commercial space and time-poor plant owners.


  • low effort plant and resilient
  • quite likes to be pot-bound and snug
  • loves humidity and misting
  • safe for pets and kids!
  • greenish-white flower spikes
  • tropical styles, coastal themes, table planters, apartments


Peperomia are ground dwellers in their natural forests so they enjoy filtered light and should be rotated regularly for even growth distribution. Prolonged direct sun on the foliage may burn. Brightly lit rooms without direct sun, bathrooms, south or east facing window sills, are all great spaces to locate this beauty. Avoid the coldest of spaces that may drop below 15°C.

Baby Rubber Plant


Keep the soil moist but not soggy. They can tolerate drying out between drinks, although best to keep leaves misted if you have low humidity. Peperomias are naturally epiphytic (growing on decaying timber) so they are happy to be snug in a small pot. This will also avoid roots from rotting in a larger container. Reduce watering during the cooler months when growth stalls. The leaves will shrink under drought stress and then plump when revitalised with water.


Our plants do not require re-potting for at least 12 months. These Peperomia require excellent drainage. Once you are ready to re-pot your plant, a quality indoor potting mix can be improved with the addition of orchid bark and perlite. Follow a ratio of approximately 2:1:1. General potting mix will more-likely become too compacted from overhead watering, increasing the chance of root rot and disease.

Indoor plants and pots for small spaces
Baby Rubber Plants make ideal Shelfies


Best of all Peperomia are easy to propagate for more lush plants. Give them a trim during the growth season and keep your cuttings. This will help keep your existing plant compact and bushy. Remove all but the top leaves on a piece of stem, with the node (the junction on the plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge) just above your cut. Insert this into moist potting mix, or a jar of lukewarm water, and wait a few weeks for roots.

Indoor plants and pots for small spaces
Sculptural flower spikes

A feed of half-strength liquid plant fertiliser once during the warmer growing season will keep these plants glowing! Wipe dust from their leaves to improve photosynthesis.

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