FAQ answers about our service



Are house plants high maintenance?

We don’t think so. We could however be biased. Pot and Green have plants for any skill level, and some are just about un-killable! Our search filters help you to identify the right partnership for you. They are less demanding than pets and children and sometimes more forgiving too! You can go away on holidays with a little bit of planning. Tap into our Green Skills articles and descriptions for all the advice you need to get started. We will be adding useful information constantly.

What are the benefits for house plants?

They will surprise you! Plants move, transpire, grow and flower, providing a seasonal stimulus for us to marvel at. They break the routine, relieve the monotony and studies prove the therapeutic benefits to us humans, promoted by plant care. Their presence can be uplifting, promoting productivity. Plants are a gateway to nature allowing us to reset and alleviate modern-day stress and anxiety. They remind us of happy holidays and childhood memories. Many are air-purifiers, and some repel insects, while others attract bees and much needed butterflies. They also look amazing. That too!

How do I know which plant is right for me?

Whether you are a plant professional or a novice, our easy to use store will help you to identify the most suitable options for your needs.  We describe the maintenance and skill level required for each plant and give you all the information you need about the ideal conditions required for a healthy, happy addition to match your space.

If I need further advice, who should I contact?

We operate within our greenhouse or sheds, so the most reliable means of communication is via email. If you leave a contact number we can give you a call to discuss your enquiry. Tracey is our permanent horticulturalist and designer and she will happily respond to your queries the same day. Please visit the contact us page.

I am looking for a specific plant?

If you cannot find that absolute must have in our range, please contact us. We do weekly visits with our wholesale and growers. We may be able to locate that special order for you.

Can you help us with a special order for an event?

We would be delighted to help advise and assist you with a bulk order. We can source a multitude of beautiful and unique items with absolute wow factor. Contact us well in advance so we can find the right solution.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. All payments are processed through PayPal, even if you don’t have an account. They are one of the world’s most trusted and secured payment gateways. We do not store credit card details and all payments are encrypted.

Something is not quite right with my order.

On the rare chance your items look damaged, faulty, or incorrect upon delivery, please email our contact page with photos and a detail of the complaint within 48 hours. Upon assessment we will strive to salvage, replace or refund your purchase and delivery fees, depending on available options.

Can you pot up the plant into my chosen pot?

All of our plants are freshly re-potted and come in our Grow-pots or pre-paired ceramic pots available in our Shelfie range. They do not need to be transferred out of these pots for at least 12 months, under the right conditions. We understand that you may have your own pot or wish to get your plant directly snuggled. Pot and Green have potting kits to help you achieve this. We are considering offering a potting service for the near future, so watch this space.

Why do you only deliver to Sydney’s north?

We choose to run our own delivery service to our local community, between Mondays and Fridays. Not only does this protect your items from being lost or damaged in the post, it reduces handling and packaging, reduces our footprint, improves quality assurance, while protecting all of our hard work plus your purchase! It also means we can keep our delivery fee low.

Do you ship elsewhere?

The high demand on transport and couriers creates even greater risk in shipping live plants. We would love to spread our beautiful collection far and wide. At this stage we do not offer it.

How do I water my plant?

Over-watering is the most common form of pot plant death. Less is definitely more, for most of us. Move your grow-potted plant to a drainage area where it can shed excess water from around the base. Water evenly and slowly, from the top. Allow to penetrate. A top up may be required if water has slipped straight down the inside of the pot. You will generally need to reduce watering during cooler months.

When should I water my plant?

The best way to monitor moisture levels, is to carefully dip your finger into the top layer of mix, as far as the main knuckle. Soils can be bone dry on the surface, but soggy in the middle layer. To help with your routine, we provide specific plant profiles and care tips with our plants.  A thirsty plant will normally wilt and start collapsing. Plant cells require water to maintain their structure and rigidity. Be warned however! A drowning plant can display very similar symptoms, so you must check the potting mix.

Do I need to re-pot my new plant?

Our plants come with fresh, premium potting mix in a sterile grow-pot. They do not require re-potting for at least 12 months. ‘Potting-on’, or re-potting too soon, can disturb sensitive roots and more fragile plants. Too much potting media can create compaction and water-logging issues for many indoor plants.

When do I re-pot my plant?

There are a few tell-tale signs an outgrown potted plant will give you. The roots may already be protruding from drainage holes at the base of the pot. The potting mix may be solid and impenetrable. It will likely feel very dry. Your plant may have started looking stressed or wilted as nutrient and water intake will be compromised.  Pot on just before the growing season, normally at the end of winter and early spring, to give your plant time to nestle in. Wait a few months before fertilising.

What do I do with the old pot?

Garden professionals will happily trim and prune the root ball if they are confident the plant will cope with this. They replace the plant back into the original container with fresh potting mix. This prevents the plant from gaining too much growth and gives it another good year in its container. A similar principle to bonsai pruning. Alternatively, our grow-pots can be cleaned with fresh soapy water, sterilised in a mild bleach solution and are ready for the next partnership to bloom.  

What is the best way to re-pot my plant?

If we can only give you one tip? Choose a new pot that is only one size bigger. A plant in a big volume of potting mix can often ‘suffocate’, ‘drown’ or rot. Too much potting media can create compaction and water-logging issues for many indoor plants. So don’t overdo it. Head to our Potting Kit page for step by step details on re-potting.

Can I recycle my Grow-pot?

Yes! If it’s the last resort, they are safe to put into your kerbside recycling bin, once cleaned. Your local nursery might be very happy to accept them too.